If you’ve stumbled on this blog, you’re probably much like me, surfing the web, looking for new recipes to serve my family that accommodate our food allergies. While sometimes I can find a good recipe on a website such as AllRecipes.com or Food.com where the recipes are reviewed, some of the most creative recipes out there for those with multiple food allergies are on blogs. And unless the blogger has multiple comments discussing the recipe, there’s no way to know if it’s really any good or not. (Yes, that’s a reminder to go ahead and comment on our recipes!)

So, as Jaye and I stumble on really good recipes that are suitable for those with multiple food allergies, we’ll post the recipe with our review here. If you have a good recipe you’d like us to review, please feel free to email us!

The first recipe is for easy, baked, gluten-free Chicken Nuggets. Normally, we use the Fry Daddy for nuggets, but that’s so tedious that I really wanted to find a way to oven-fry the nuggets instead. Not to mention that it must be more healthful to bake them instead of deep frying.

Pros: This recipe was super-easy, and quite tasty. The kiddo gladly ate his nuggets dipped in honey. This recipe was easy to double, and would have been easy to freeze for a future meal.

Cons: We’re allergic to black pepper, so we omitted it. However, the remaining breading was still a little too spicy. Next time we’ll cut back on the cayenne. Also, the nuggets weren’t quite so crispy as we could have hoped for. We didn’t quite use all the oil the recipe called for – that might have been the difference.

Final Verdict: We’re going to add this recipe to the regular rotation, possibly changing up the spices to add variety. Two thumbs up!

Bonus Tip: Partially freeze the chicken breasts before cutting them into chunks. 15-20 minutes in the freezer should be enough to make the breasts easier to cut up without freezing them completely solid.