With trepidation, I added peppermint flavor to my first batch of xylitol candy.  It was the only flavoring I had on hand, and having “mints” is already an established treat in our home.  Why the trepidation, then?  My middle child – the one who needs the most dental help – dislikes mint.

So I offered the home-made xylitol candy to my oldest first.  If you ever need a cheerleader, someone to lead the charge, a party in a petite package perhaps, then my oldest child is the one you need.  She raved and raved over the xylitol candy and begged for more.  It took my two boys a couple of days to work up the courage to give the candies a try.  Once they did, however, it was clear that corn-free xylitol candy is a resounding success in this home!

My next batch I added orange flavoring to.  And that batch is going even faster!  I must say it is a bit strange to happily give out candy – with no concern over teeth or ruining dinner (xylitol is lower-carb as well).