We have started making our own homemade chicken sausage patties, since the ones in the store are so stinkin’ expensive, and likely to be contaminated with one of our many allergens. It turns out that it’s really easy to make allergen-free sausage – just mix ground meat with seasonings, and voila! Bulk sausage.

There are a bunch of homemade sausage recipes on the web. We don’t really have a favorite to recommend. Sometimes we make Italian sausage for pizza, sometimes spicy sausage (for Hubby), or sometimes a sweet breakfast-y maple sausage for, well, breakfast.

Maybe someday I’ll get ambitious and figure out how to stuff casings and all that. In the meantime, I figured out an easy way to make easy sausage patties. After mixing the raw meat and seasonings together, I just form it into a log, roll it up in freezer paper, and freeze it solid. Then, I unwrap it and simply slice off little patties – much like those slice-and-bake cookies I used to make as a teenager. You’ll need a really super sharp chef’s knife for this. I found that a serrated knife left little sausage sawdust bits everywhere, so I use a flat blade instead.

I pop the frozen patties straight into the frying pan to cook. They hold their shape that way while they cook. Extra patties go back into the freezer, safely sealed in a labeled baggie for another meal. Simple as that!