I bought a bunch of chicken breasts on sale at the store this week. And by a bunch, I really mean 4 family-size packs. It was a good sale and I had a coupon, so I loaded up.

But of course, that means I need to freeze the chicken. I could have just rinsed the chicken to remove the traces of corn left from the packaging, (maybe) trimmed them (there were still some chunks of bone and cartilage on the meat), popped them into freezer bags, and gone along my merry way. That would have been frugal, efficient, and helpful.

Grilled Chicken on SaladHowever, that’s not what I did. I decided to make up a couple of marinades to add to the baggies. This extra step means that the breasts soak in the marinade as they freeze, and again as they thaw, which develops a nice flavor in the meat. You could do this with any other meat as well, such as beef, pork, lamb, etc. To prepare the meal, I just pull out the meat a day or two before we want to eat it, and after it thaws, I can just hand the marinated chicken to hubby to grill while I make a salad. Voila! Marinated, grilled chicken over salad for dinner: a restaurant-quality, allergen-free meal my whole family will enjoy. Serve gluten-free bread with non-dairy margarine on the side to top it off. Now that’s frugal, efficient, helpful, and tasty!

For an extra time-saving bonus, make a double batch of each marinade and store 2 baggies of meat in each flavor. Just watch the timing of when you actually serve the meat so that you don’t get bored with repetitive flavors. Labeling the baggies helps. Not that I’d know anything about that.

Here’s a recipe for Chicken Speidies, a specialty from our hometown to get you in the mood!